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Forget Me Not : 물망초

Seung-Yeon Moon Solo Exhbition

7 - 20 June, 2019

The big eyes of children that are about to fall in, the lovely animals that resemble them, Pastel tone landscapes in fairy tales, These are the parts that attract audiences who first meet the work of Artist, Moon Seung-yeon.

Even if we don't listen to the details, Moon’s work is starting to feel friendly. While thinking the meaning of existence, Moon also has been thinking about the way of delivering her message to audience so that it may not be too heavy. In her work, the meaning of existence means the object of being together. The object which gives us comfort and peace by sharing our feelings during our lives. Artist Moon has been expanding her work through the process of painting such objects.

Two important pillars that make up te world of her work are Time and Space. To Moon, Time and Space are considered physical devices for sharing and filling all beings together. Plus, it is also the way that connects reality and ideals, and is the device that enables emotional exchange, healing, and recovery between each other.

Sharing Time and Space is the process of sharing stories with each other. From this process, it develops the depth of relationship and seek each other’s meaning. One thing is that prior to finding the meaning of the space, first object she focused was the meaning of time. Because she thought that it is a little more comprehensive and specific to talk about the space, rather than the time. the time is clearer in the space.

During the process, the meaning of the work began to change. As Moon’s view broadens, the importance of audience’s participation has also begun to differ. In her early works, the meaning of existence only expressed inside a frame of each work. The object in her work was the one of projection for comfort and empathy rather than interaction. It is now changed. Moon is trying to change the direction in which the audience can communicate with the work. The movement of the active self, which is felt from the inside, is also used as a factor that makes the audience more immersed in the exhibition.

Artist Moon Seung Yeon’s 4th solo exhibition <Mulmangcho: Forget me Not> will be the starting point of such change. It makes the work and audience to share the same time and space, not to be separate. It leads to relationship and exchange of emotions in an equal position. Starting with this coming exhibition, the work by Moon will no longer be viewed unilaterally. Being the object of sharing memories with the audience, this is what Artist Moon Weung Yeon wants in her work.

Public time: TUE - SAT 2pm - 5pm
Advance reservation: TUE - SUN 11am - 7pm

Admission: Free

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