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Artist Sono Moon's graduated with TOP honors from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, France. Every moment now instantly becomes the past. Moon wants to capture the meaning of the time that unconsciously passes us by.

 She suggests a break for everyone to have a thought and to appreciate the very moment through the eyes of her object and innocent animals that seemingly just jump out from fairy tales. Her works come with several distinctive personalities. Moon depicts huge eyes; she wants people to reflect themselves through the big eyes and to fall into the time of what they recall from those pupils. Animals in her paintings could be the best friend, family or favorite pet; there is no hierarchy in the relationship and they stay forever together unlike reality.


The teacups appearing in her every art pieces are totally subjective according to each spectator; they may contain hot, cold, full, empty or even somewhere in the middle. Everyone interprets different facial expressions from the same look. She allows the public to have their own imagination of how they truly feel. The backgrounds of the artworks change over time because it reflects unique experiences or dramatic changes in the artist’s own life. The fundamental belief of the artist, however, stays the same. She believes that real love is to take care of whom you care

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