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Kim Okjin

김옥진 金玉珍

My recent works contain chairs, travel, and resorts under the theme of 'rest' in complex daily life. The longing for a break arising from a life where there is no room for any work, livelihood, or lyrics leads to work, and 'POOL', which is transferred to the viewer and is felt only as a symbol of a resort, is conceptualized as a space of rest in a broader sense.


Sometimes there are things that impress me in everyday landscapes. They are reorganized into their own colors and become different spaces and unfamiliar spaces in their own symbolic sense in which colors act on the screen. Colors contain the culture, locality, and trends of that time, so they overlap with people's subjective experiences and become spaces of thought.


The standard of rest

What is the true rest? I think it is more mental stability than physical. Modern people who live according to their fixed daily routine need a mental rest rather than a physical rest. Even if you lie down and try to rest your tired body for a moment, you cannot shake off your anxiety and anxiety. Even if you try to rest properly in your daily life, you don't rest. The true rest begins only when the body and mind are separated from daily life and go to an independent space. This is the meaning of my trip.

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