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배중열 裴重烈

Bae Jungyeol is an artist who has resided on Jeju Island for 12 years, capturing the essence of Korean local life through his artwork. His pieces depict the landscapes and everyday scenes of Jeju Island in a simple and understated manner. Through these works, he offers a soothing respite to viewers by portraying subtle moments in the scenery and daily life. Bae Jungyeol's artistic journey goes beyond documenting the region's history; it conveys the unique values and contemplations of the artist. Employing only colored pencils on paper, Bae has a distinctive method of creating art. This approach harmonizes well with his modest sensibilities, adding vibrant hues to his works. Many Korean companies collaborate with Bae Jungyeol when promoting or creating concepts related to Jeju Island. He stands as a representative artist, showcasing the island's distinctive values through his work.


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