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Jeong Jin-gap, a talented artist, focuses his sculpting skills on portraying children who have experienced wounds or are vulnerable to getting hurt. A closer inspection of his works reveals meticulous attention to detail, with the eyes, nose, mouth, hands, arms, and legs impeccably proportioned like those of adults. Through his unique interpretation, Jeong Jin-gap brings these elements together to create sculptures that capture the essence of childhood. Despite the inherent instability portrayed in their expressions and postures, each artwork exudes a remarkable sense of balance.

For Jeong Jin-gap, his artistic practice is a deeply personal endeavor, akin to a form of spiritual discipline or prayer. He aims to create pieces that not only captivate the viewer visually but also provide solace and comfort. By immersing oneself in the presence of his artworks, he hopes that viewers can find moments of respite and emotional connection.

Through his skillful craftsmanship and profound artistic vision, Jeong Jin-gap captures the fragility and resilience of children in his sculptures. His ability to infuse each piece with a perfect harmony of form and emotion is a testament to his exceptional talent as an artist.

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