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잠산 蠶山

Jamsan is an amazing painter from South Korea. He's known as a concept artist, doing all sorts of creative things. Lately, he's been working with others to make special art that's full of feelings.

He's done art for Nike and made illustrations for the K-Drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay." He's also helped design for the K-Cosmetic brand "Holika Holika." He's part of different parts of Korean culture.

One of his favorite things he's made is his Girl series, inspired by his own life. These artworks tell stories and share his feelings, making a lot of people feel the same way.

People are excited to see what Jamsan will do next. They think he'll keep doing cool things in different areas. His art helps us see new ways of looking at things and makes us feel strong emotions. This shows how great Korean art is to the whole world.

Artist's Note <About the original painting artwork>

Rose from the Stars

The travelling girl meets new faces every time.

When she met a cowardly shadow wolf who wouldn’t show up, the girl gently comforted him and walked with him.

In the forest so thick that the end couldn’t be seen, she met a rabbit who wanted to become a tree.

The girl stopped for a moment and chased the rabbit’s dream together.

On a windy day, she flew freely with Mr. Dandelion Spore, swimming in the sea of leaves.


When she found herself in the warm arms of the swamp giant, she wanted to linger for a while, but she continued on her journey.


When she was walking on an empty road, she met a scarred cactus standing alone by the roadside.

The girl went up to him without hesitation, and gave him a warm hug.

Rose’s body was covered with thorns, but she showed a happy smile.

The cactus stayed with her for a while, guiding her on her journey.


At times, she was lost in mazes.

Without being scared, she calmly raised her head and looked at the countless stars.

Looking at the stars, she made a wish.

The stars, the countless stars that rained down from the beginning and the end of the universe…


The girl is a blossom of rose.

Hugging everything she encounters, the rose from a faraway star continues on her journey.

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