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27-30 August, 2020

Exhibition Period: 27-30 August, 2020

Exhibition Venue: Eslite hotel

Formosa Art Fair is the art fair organizer based in Taipei, Taiwan since 2013. Formerly was the department of exhibitions of Galerie Grand Siècle. We have one and only biggest model of art fair combing hotel and board style with the feature on depth of art, culture and financial marketing.

We curate the International Art Show from Taiwan, Hong-Kong to the world including FORMOSA ART SHOW, FORMOSA 101 ART FAIR, ART FORMOSA, ART FUTURE, ART KAOHSIUNG, ART HSINCHU, ART HUNT, FLAME HK. Our global partners include ART OSAKA, Citizen Art Shanghai called as AArt, BANK ART FAIR, ART VANCOUVER, YIA ART FAIR.

Participating artist

Jun-Seok KANG 강준석

Seung-Yeon Moon 문승연

Kwan-Young KIM 김관영

Diren Lee 디렌리

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