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Sono Moon's Book

Sono Moon Solo Exhibition

@13a New Street Art Gallery, Hongkong

8-24 September, 2023

13A New Street Art Gallery invites you into a storybook-like narrative, where art explores the transformations of life.

Internationally acclaimed artist Sono Moon, hailing from South Korea, uses her art to explore contemporary societal experiences, delving into timeless values. Formerly known as Seung Yeon Moon, Sono Moon embarked on a transformative journey, embracing a new name, style, and philosophy, eager to share it with the world. In her artwork, characterized by fairy tale motifs, Sono Moon often depicts iconic large eyes, symbolizing introspection and immersion in memories evoked by those pupils.

The animals in her paintings are portrayed as best friends, family, or beloved pets: in these relationships, there are no hierarchies; they remain together, unlike the separations in reality. The story begins with humility; young Seung Yeon Moon lost herself in dreams and imagined worlds, discovering her passion for art. Her initial art showcased old fairy tales, brimming with romance and creativity, reflecting her early artistic endeavors. However, as she grew and experienced real-life challenges and inner conflicts, she found herself facing various challenges. At a pivotal moment in her life, Sono Moon decided to change her name, symbolizing her determination to undergo a profound transformation.

This exhibition depicts this transition, akin to a magical cloak enveloping her; the new name bestowed upon her a fresh identity and sense of purpose. Through vivid artworks, audiences witness Sono Moon navigating the maze of life, embracing both the light and darkness she encounters. Her art serves as a guide, imparting valuable life lessons akin to Aesop's fables or fairy tales. It conveys the importance of resilience, the power of self-belief, and the beauty of embracing change. In her captivating artistic world, Sono Moon presents a unique perspective on finding one's voice amidst the noise, cherishing and safeguarding one's essence. She illustrates the struggles she faced in pursuing dreams and values, symbolizing her real-life experiences in allegorical form.

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