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Asian contemporary artist

19 April - 10 May, 2024

L GALLERY presents "BON VOYAGE," an open exchange exhibition featuring emerging artists in collaboration with Lei Xiang Gallery from Taiwan. This exhibition marks L GALLERY's first international exchange, symbolizing the connection of Taiwan's artistic currents with the world.

Lei Xiang Gallery, centered around Asia's artistic trends, introduces the works of renowned artists Fu Yu, Sumisha, and Huang Po-Hsun from Lei Xiang Gallery in this showcase. Each brings distinct perspectives and artistic expressions, promising a new vision and delight for the audience.

Notably, this exhibition features artists from Japan, China, and Taiwan, each infusing their works with their national identities, contemporary trends, and cultural inspirations. In this shared space, we focus on the shared human emotions and experiences despite our diverse cultural backgrounds. As spring unfolds, we invite you on a journey of communication in our shared space.

Public time: TUE - SAT 2pm - 5pm
Advance reservation: TUE - SUN 11am - 7pm

Admission: Free

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