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Jin-Gab Jeong Solo Exhibiton

7 March - 1 April, 2023

[ I would say that I have endured and healed various difficulties and crises in my life through work. Drawing or making something was probably the performance of asceticism to me. As I watched myself concentrating on work, I felt emotionally calm. While I was preparing for the entrance exam for three years, I worked on sculptures as if I were drawing, perhaps it was because of the influence of my previous drawing exercise using graphite. I’ve been trying to develop such a technique into an advantage, and I would say that my work is the combination of drawing and sculpture l like the most. -Jeong Jin Gab- ]

Jin Gab’s work portfolio contains some works based on the line drawings. Lines expressed on the face show the rhythm, moving back and forth between the surface and multidimensional structure. During his 4years of experience in university, he focused on the structure of the human body, therefore, it reveals drawing lines and body lines based on a drawing.

[ Through the stillness shown in my work, I tried to show the audience a pause and sitting on the fence situation, not the unstable actions or explosive appearances, as a result, it is a performance to become optimistic rather than pessimistic by expressing moderation or patience. -Jeong Jin Gab- ]

The background of Jeong Jin Gab Solo Exhibition 2023 is patience, and the theme is ASCETICISM.

His past exhibition featured a girl figure, and he has been working on trauma that has stopped at an immature stage where the order and oppression of patriarchal culture have not been completed. However, from Jin Gab’s perspective, the appearance of a girl is more likely to be frail adult with a childhood and or something very innocent. In this coming exhibition at L Gallery, Jin Gab tries to show changes for greater growth, through appearances, expressions, gazes, and motions.

Often referred to as ‘Sage’, it can be fulfilled only when people achieve apatheia that is unshakable to external things, through discipline. True freedom comes to us when we can dominate the whirlpool of emotions away from external events. Apatheia should not remain passive but be strong enough to overcome reckless sentiments. <Asceticism in Stoicism>

Jeong Jin Gab’s work contains abstinence and patience, which are the stages of maturity beyond a period of a dynamic emotional whirlpool.

Most of the figures in his work look skinny with good proportions. But if the audience can read Jin Gab’s intention, It can’t be seen as just a simple skinny person. Imagine the time for patience. How long can we endure and be patient in a mess? Try to feel <The situation without the mess>. His works try to reduce the desire and greed attached to us. Again, have a look at your situation being patient. Jin Gab’s works lead us toward a life with a light heart and an ability to persevere.

The exhibition will help us to measure the weight of patience and desire.

[ My works present moderation and patience that people need to acquire (and are socially required) during growth. In other words, for an immature human to be a mature human, they need attributes such as moderation and patience, and my thoughts are indirectly expressed as well. By asking repetitive questions, I tried to find my progressive identity, and my purpose is to look back on myself by communicating another myself inside my mind. -Jeong Jin Gab, 2023- ]

Public time: TUE - SAT 2pm - 5pm
Advance reservation: TUE - SUN 11am - 7pm

Admission: Free

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