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이채영 李彩瑛

Chaeyoung Lee is a monochrome painting artist. Born in Korea, she majored in oriental painting at Duksung Women's University, and received attention from the Korean art world through numerous awards such as the Incarnation Culture and Arts Foundation Art Award, the Chong Kun Dang Art Award, and the Etro Art Award Gold Award. She is building her career as an artist through exhibitions at leading art museums in Korea, including the Ilhyun Museum of Art, Zaha Museum of Art, and Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

In her paintings, old buildings and objects border plants and exist as traces in a gray landscape. She records the unfamiliar emotion in familiar space and ordinary life with her paintings. Simple black and white colors evoke dreamy emotions through expression of darkness and dim light. It gives each viewer time to think so that they can empathize with different emotions.

Representative Korean collectors such as Seoul Museum of Art, Government Art Bank, Posco Museum of Art, Seongnam Cube Museum of Art, Chong Kun Dang, Etro, Incheon Cultural Foundation, and Gana Art Center collect her art. In the future, she plans to showcase her work through art galleries in Korea and overseas.

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