Yunzo PAEK

Republic of Korea 

2003  Samsung Art & Design Institute
Dongduk Women’s University - Masters In Painting

Yunzo PAEK

Yunzo PAEK uses rhythmic visual language to transform images inspired by landscapes such as objects and loves around her everyday life. 

Her major figurative works, The Walk series, and the Face series focus on the movement of the character, that is the behavior of the body. The artist shows free painting attempts, such as emphasizing the texture of the background or scattering paints, and in the Face series, she expresses a person’s action more actively. In the Doodle series, which began with her unconscious scribbling, viewers can discover abstract formative elements resulting from her actions. 


Solo Exhibitions
2021  “TO AND FROM” (Azulejo Gallery, Seoul)
2020  “Continue” (Pyo Gallery, Seoul)
2019  “Beginnings; Talk” (Punto Blu, Seoul)
Group Exhibitions
2021 JAEN Design Art
2021 The colors start beating(gallery colorbeat)
2021 Art Speaker (SeoulAuction x NAPAL x printbakery)
2021 우행牛行_Amulet展 (Signature Kitchen Suite Chungdahm, Seoul)
2020  VOTE KOREA 2020 (Ara Art Center, Seoul)
2019  With Punto Blu (Maqom Gallery, Seoul)
2014  꿈과 마주치다展 (Gallery Ilho, Seoul)
2012  44회 신원전新院展 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan)
          東江 Contemporary Art Invitation (Culture and Art Center, Youngwol)
2011  Wind Exhibition (Kookmin Univ Gallery, Seoul)
         “We are going into the room” (Zeinxeno Gallery, Seoul)
          Graduation Exhibition Award (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)
          Mokhwa Exhibition (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)
Art Fairs
2021 KIAF
2021  BIAF (Print bakery, Seoul)
2020  AHAF Seoul (Pyo Gallery, Nine Tree Hotel Insadong)
2019  AHAF Seoul (Pyo Gallery, Intercontinental Seoul)
          AHAF Busan (Pyo Gallery, Paradise Hotel Busan)
2018  KIAF Seoul (jean Gallery, Seoul)