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Surrea Lee
​수레아. 蘇瑞亞

Republic of Korea 

Prof. Guillaume Bijl / Meisterschueler, Muenster, Germany
University of Fine Arts Muenster / Diploma, Muenster, Germany
Sangmyung University Bachelor of Fine Arts, Seoul, Seoul


Surrea Lee

-Slow Slow Quick Quick-

The existence of freedom, concentration, and strength that stirs up space.

I am an artist who collects senses and transmits energy.


Express your five senses


Secret note




It is my job to throw myself in and find a new story in it.

The space I created is flexible, colorful, and freely mixed with nothing forbidden.

Isn't the author's privilege to escape reality and feel only freedom through his work!


2020 Yangpyeoung art museum Container Artlap Artist Competition
2020 Seoul Art Foundation x Pyogallery, Young Artist Competition
2020 Gallery Sein Artist Artist Competition, Seoul
2020 Artspace Grove, Artist Competition, Seoul
2020 Chungmuro gallery 2020 Artist Competition, Seoul
2019 Gallery Pakyoung The Schift Artist Competition, Gyeonggi
2011 'Dem Gehirn auf der Spur. Denken-Erinnern-Vergessen’,
2011 Artist Competition, Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden, Germany
2011 'Kunst in der Region 2011' DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst,
2011 Artist Competition, Hoerstel, Germany
2009 ‘Natur - Mensch’ Nationalpark Harz, Artist Competition, Sankt Andreasberg, Germany
2008 DAAD scholarship, Muenster, Germany
2007 Duesseldorf Kunstverein Travel Scholarship, Germany

About Artist

Solo Exhibitions

2020 'Slow Slow Quick Quick', Yangpyeoung art museum, Kyunggi
2020 'A mixture of sight touch, and sense', Art Space Grove, Seoul
2018 'Carnival encounters' Quartier am Hafen_Q18, Koeln, Germany 
2013 'Ohne Dich gibt es kein Wunderland’ Maria Haverkamp, Emsdetten , Germany
2009 `ganz oder gar nicht’ Quartier 7, Muenster, Germany

Group Exhibition 

2021 'Attention Art Show' Grimson Gallery, Seoul

2021 Ulsan International Art Fair, Birch Gallery, Ulsan

2021 'Die Freunde, die innere Staerke haben.' Daegu Art Fair, Clamp Gallery, EXCO

2021 Art Taipei, Birch Gallery, Taiwan

2021 'The Colors Start Beating', Gallery Color Beat, Seoul

2021 'Wald der Wuensche', Urban Break Art Asia, Clamp Gallery, COEX

2021 Busan International Gallery Art Festival, Gallery Art Forest, BEXCO

2021 'Wasser Freuer Erde Luft und Wir', Gallery Art Festival, Gallery Art Forest, COEX

2021 All drawings in the world, Gallery IN, Seoul

2020 10 to N Project, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

2020 Yeonhee Art Fair, Gallery IN, Seoul

2020 Urban Break Art Asia, Art Vibes, COEX

2020 KIAF Invited Artist Exhibition, Gallery Sein, Seoul

2020 'COL+-' Gallery IN, Seoul (two-person exhibition)

2020 'If Art is a Friend', Gallery Sein, Seoul

2020 'trendy sensibility' exhibition, Rowoon Gallery, Seoul

2020 'The Art Power' Exhibition, Yangpyeong Museum of Art, Gyeonggi

2020 'Seeing the Unseen', The Shift 5th, Gallery Parkyoung, Gyeonggi

2020 'FLY HICH' Chungmuro ​​Gallery, Seoul (2-person exhibition)

2019 Yangpyeong Myth Search-3 <Document> Exhibition_A Young Art's Perspective Exhibition' Yangpyeong Museum of Art

2019 'Art Hara_Art Convenience Store' Paled Seoul, Kwana Gallery, Seoul & Chungju

2018 'Haus der Kunst Enniger 2018' Haus der Kunst Enniger Kunstverein, Eningro, Germany

2017 'Haus der Kunst Enniger 2017' Haus der Kunst Einniger Kunstverein, Germany

2017 'Endlos. Wasserfälle.Tal. Blaukleid' Museumsnacht Quartier am Hafen, Cologne, Germany

2017 'Teich. Nacht. Mond. Traum' Quartier am Hafen 0.14, Cologne, Germany

2017 'Kunst der Baustelle' Kunsthaus Isabella Agnes, Ruckde, Germany

2016 Residence Program 3 Monate / 'Haus der Kunst Enniger 2016

2016 'Haus der Kunst Enniger Kunstverein, Eningro, Germany

2015 'something between us', the wheelhouse, New York, USA

2014 'Diamonds and Pearls' Klasse Ayşe Erkmen bei Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Hamburg,Germany

2014 Aqua miami artfair 2014, space 776 Gallery, Miami, USA

2013 ‘Ohne Dich gibt es kein Wunderland’ Ludwig Lichtkonzepte, Münster, Germany

2013 'Potenzial Baby! ’ KUBOSHOW kunstmesse 2013, Haerne, Germany

2013 ‘Ohne Dich gibt es kein Wunderland’ Abschlussausstellung an der Kunstakademie Münster, Münster, Germany

2013 'New Kids of the Block' Gallerie Tanas Berlin, Germany

2012 ‘PERISTASIEN’ Ein Ausstellungsprojekt Kunstakademie Münster, Münster, Germany

2012 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' Ausstellungreihe Schützen str.3, Münster, Germany

2011 'Dem Gehirn auf der Spur. Denken-Erinnern-Vergessen’, Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden, Germany

2011 ‘Kunst in der Region 2011’ im DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hyoerstel, Germany

2011 ‘Weltberühmte Bilder_Parodie_Ausstellung mit Van Gogh’ Yangsan Culture and Arts Center, 2011 Seodaemun Arts and Culture Center, Seoul & Busan, Korea

2011 ‘Uitwisselingstentoonstelling’ im KASK, Ghent, Belgium

2011 ‘Momente in Dunkelheit’ beim Dülmener Kunstverein e.V., Dulmen, Germany

2011 SEOUL PHOTO 2011 (Erste Foto-Kunstmesse in Asien seit 2008), Seoul, Korea

2011 B-Seite: Festival 2011 for visual arts, Mannheim, Germany

2010 Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie, Ausstellungshalle zeitgenössische Kunst, Münster, Germany

2010 `Tod des Wewerka Pavillons und ein neuer Anfang' Wewerka Pavillon, Münster, Germany 2010 `PHÄNOMENAL Förderausstellung Aktuelle Kunst in der WGZ, Dusseldorf, Germany

2009 ‘Contemporary Korean Art in the World’ Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center

2009 ‘Natur - Mensch’ Nationalpark Harz, Jant Andreasweak, Germany

2009 ‘art-figura’ Museum Schloss Schwarzenberg, Schwarzenberg, Germany

2009 `Art up! 2009 Junge Kunst aus deutschen Akademien’ Kunstförderverein Kreis e.V., Düren, Duren, Germany

2008 `BettGeschichten'; Galerie Noack, Mönschenglatbach, Germany

2008 `NEULAND'; Kultur Bahnhof Eller Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

2008 `NEW GRASS'; Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen e.V. im Städtischen Museum, Gelsenkilsen, Germany

2007 ‘Göttesanbeterin’ Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

2006 'R 021' bei Herrn Prof. Martin Gostner, Dusseldorf, Germany

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