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Sono Moon  소노문

  Artist Sono Moon graduated with TOP honors from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, France. Every moment now instantly becomes the past. Moon wants to capture the meaning of the time that unconsciously passes us by.

  She suggests a break for everyone to have a thought and to appreciate the very moment through the eyes of her object and innocent animals that seemingly just jump out from fairy tales. Her works come with several distinctive personalities. Moon depicts huge eyes; she wants people to reflect on themselves through the big eyes and to fall into the time of what they recall from those pupils. Animals in her paintings could be best friends, family, or favorite pets; there is no hierarchy in the relationship and they stay forever together unlike reality.


  The teacups appearing in her art pieces are totally subjective according to each spectator; they may contain hot, cold, full, empty, or even somewhere in the middle. Everyone interprets different facial expressions from the same look. She allows the public to have their own imagination of how they truly feel. The backgrounds of the artworks change over time because it reflects unique experiences or dramatic changes in the artist’s own life. The fundamental belief of the artist, however, stays the same. She believes that real love is to take care of whom you care

Republic of Korea

​Education  Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Art de Toulouse

Solo Exhibitions

2022 6th Exhibition "Ma Petite Princesse"(Little Art Piece/Taipei/Korea)

2020 5th Exhibition "This Is Me" (Hoard Gallery/Seoul/Korea)

2019 4th Exhibition "For Get Me Not" (L-Gallery/Korea)

2019 Solo Exhibibiton “Warm life reasons” (Gallery Tom/Korea)

2017 3rd Exhibition “Nonlinear Time” (Art1 Gallery/Korea)

2016 Solo Exhibition “STAY-2” (GongSang Gallery/Korea)

2016 2nd Exhibition “STAY” (Space NAMU/Korea)

2016 Solo Exhibition Wonderful Life (Space NAMU/Korea)

2015 Solo Exhibition “Stay Time” (92’Avenue Gallery/Korea)

2014 1st Exhibition “Be with me” (Bluestone Gallery/Korea)


Group Exhibitions

2022  print bakery x Ode Studio Seoul (Print bakery/Korea)

2022  Group Exhibition "Dear Friends"(Print bakery/Korea)

2021  Group Exhibition ‘Encounter’  (L GALLERY/Korea)

2021  Group Exhibition ‘해피바라기’  (Collast/Korea)
2021  10-100 Happy painting exhibition (MAC Gallery/Korea)
2021  <Merry-go-round>(Theo Art/Korea)
2020  Happy painting exhibition (MAC Gallery/Korea) 
2019  Group Exhibition ‘SOSO sangjeom’ (L-gallery/Korea)
2019  Group Exhibition “Happy New Pig” (JK Blossom Gallery/Korea)
2019  Happy painting exhibition (MAC Gallery/Korea) 
2017  SPECIAL1326: Gift Exhibition (BNK Gallery/Korea)
2016  Christmas in a fairy tale (Severance Art Space/Korea)
2016  A moving ART exhibition  (Space NAMU/Korea)

2016 SPACE 1326. ‘SPECIAL 1326, 50-50 展’ (Space1326/Korea)

2016. Space NAMU permanent exhibition (Space NAMU/Korea)


2015 Space NAMU Donation exhibition (Space NAMU/Korea)

2015 “EYES Exhibition” (Gallery Bluestone/Korea)


2022 Art Taipei (Taipei/Taiwan)

2022 KIAF Plus (Seoul/Korea)

2022  Affordable Art Fair HongKong(HongKong)

2022  Urbanbreak (Seoul/Korea)

2022  One Art Taipei (Taipei/Taiwan)

2021  Art Taichung (Taipei/Taiwan)

2021  Art Taipei (Taipei/Taiwan)

2021  One Art Taipei (Taipei/Taiwan)
2020  Art kaohsiung (kaohsiung/Taiwan)
2020  Art Taipei (Taipei/Taiwan)
2020  Art Formosa (Taipei/Taiwan)
2020  Affordable Art Fair Battersea 2020 (London/UK)
2020  One Art Taipei  2020 (Taiwan)
2019  Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Singapore)
2019  Art Expo Malaysia 2019 (Kuala Lumpr / Malaysia)
2019  BAMA 2019(Busan Annual Market of Art) (Busan/Korea)
2019  Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hong Kong)
2018  Art Expo Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)
2018  Art Gyeongju 2018 (Gyeongju/Korea)
2018  BAMA 2018(Busan Annual Market of Art) (Busan/Korea)
2018  Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hong Kong)
2017  Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hong Kong)
2017  Artrip House Art fair (Seoul/Korea)
2017  Asia Hotel Art Fair (AHAF 2017) (InterContinental Hotel/Korea)
2017  Gyeongnam International Art Fair (CECO/Korea)
2016  KIAF (The 15th Korea International Art Fair)(Coex/Korea)
2016  SOAF (Seoul Open Art Fair)(Coex/Korea)
2016  2106 Art Gyeongju (HICO/Korea)
2016  2016 Busan International Gallery Art Fair (BAMA) (BEXCO/Korea)
2016  2016 Hwarang Art Festival  (COEX Convention Center/Korea)
2015  2016 Seoul ArtShow  (COEX Convention Center/Korea)

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