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  • 블랙 인스 타 그램 아이콘
  • 블랙 페이스 북 아이콘

Drien Lee

The artist, Diren Lee, graduated as a textile art major and then worked as a principal designer at Jetoy for 6 years. She also designed ChooChoo, a famous character all over Asia. 

During the earlier stage of her artistic career, she put question marks on scars and fear of people’s past, using tattoo as a medium. Then more recent years, she applied endangered species, abandoned pets to stories and feelings of people on this little planet. She pulls out strong empathy between human beings and animal and brings in warm sympathy about what we’ve changed and what we’ve lost. 

Her art pieces are composed of crystal clear colors and lines. This very detailed descriptions eventually complete a fine harmony in distance .The eyes in her works speak for various stories of each object. Every eye has a number of lines and colors; the artistic expression is extremely realistic yet it simultaneously tells our dreams and hopes that do not exist in real lives. This irony remains in her lines and colors. The dreams and the reality greet each other in her canvas. And this consoles our souls and heals our wounds. 


2017. [Day Dream] gallery ACTION

         [Diren Lee exhibition] gallery wave

         [IN LOVE] Gallery Mei

         [Friends on Earth] MIEL

2016. [DIREN LEE] J.Hoon Gallery

2015. [Memory] art space ACTION

2014. [Coexistence] MIEL

         [DIREN 3’rd EXHIBITION] Soul ink gallery


2012. [DIREN’s first exhibition] go south art space



2018. [Gate of stone. Diren Lee &Sung B yung Hee, duet exhibition] gallery HOARD

         [ChungDam-dong Zoo 2018] Gallery Doo

2017. [Gallery in Zoo] Seoul Grand Park

         [FAUNA:Animal book] gallery HOARD

         [Duet exhibition [Greeting] Palais de Seoul

         [LOVE] Wave Gallery

         [Gift form an artist ll-] gallery sein

2016. [Joy, Anger, Sorrow Pleasure] andARTION gallery

          [Art Collaboration] Hall of Assembly

          [David Bowie] Eugene Gallery

          [2016 Artist Accompany for hope] SeoJung Art center

          [Bravo Life] KOTRA Art collabo exhibition hall

          [25 promising artists of Korea] SeoJung Art center

          [Coexistence] KARA’S GALLERY

          [6’th Zombie] Yoojin Gallery

          [ARTIST ROOM] Space NAMU

          [SPORTS ART COLLABO] KOTRA Art collabo exhibition hall

          [2016 Art KyungJu] Space Tree.HICO KyungJu convention center

          [Spring] ARTION Gallery

          [Exchange] Soul ink Art Gallery

2015.  [Money] Gallery

          [Spoon art fair] ] gallery sein

          [Warm exhibition] Karas gallery

          [Art Edition Fair] gallery sein

          [SsangNyun] Skunk

          [EunHye]. Amado Art Space

          [TOKYO ZOMBIE] Tokyo Block House

          [Art show Busan] Busan BEXCO

          Back to the 90’s. Jamo book

          [The 3rd Rockstar 展] Mudaeruk

          <Light>. Jebi flower coffee shop

2014.  World Vision charity exhibition [I Dream] Avenue Art hall

          [Exchange] Soul ink Art Gallery

          [ 色, Comfort you] Busan, Star Jade

          [ be classy ] El Cantina

          Group exhibition W Gallery

          [MAIFEST Gallery Exhibition the 1st] MAIFEST

          [ITaeWon] Soul ink Art Gallery

          Duet exhibition [DirenLee&Carmin songsong] Hyundai0 g Valley Fashion center

          [Another Farm] cozy art space

          [Ladder] Soul ink Art Gallery

          [Robot] HaeIRi Art school

2013.  [Exchange] soul ink gallery

          [Another Farm. WSB Farm exhibition] cozy gallery



HongIk University, Textile (2002-2007)



As a principal designer of JETOY, I've been painting cats called 'CHOO CHOO'  which loved in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan have. year sand beenHongkong for more than 7