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  • 블랙 인스 타 그램 아이콘
  • 블랙 페이스 북 아이콘

 Ham Mina

I spent my childhood on the beach.I used to admire the scenery without my glasses. The colour, figure, and light that I felt affected my work in so many ways. Without glasses, the figures that I saw looked like a completely blurry world. The beach and trees were swaying in a mass, and people walking along the shore were smudged with the light in beautiful colours. What I saw was neither realistic nor practical, but everything was beautiful like a dream. The shapes and motions of the paintings are vague and squished in a mass, so I want the details to be left up to the viewers’ imagination and feeling. I simply wish for the viewers to be immersed in the representation, and I think the blurry figures and the emotions of the moment can produce an unexpected aesthetic result. The reason why I draw so many people goes back to my childhood when I used to not wear glasses and got lost often. Whenever I would cry alone in a strange place, some people just passed by, some looked at me in a distance, some talked to me, and some held my arms. All the faces were unfocused and glowing like my paintings. All the voices, body temperatures, and smells of people came to me as unfamiliar colours and figures. The figures I felt as a child were carried by the swift currents of time and continue to inspire my work.

Solo Exhibition

2018 Exhibition <Unfamiliar Face> (Public gallery/Seoul)

2017 Exhibition <wave height> (Seojin Art Space/Seoul)


Project & Group Exhibiton

2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hong Kong)

2018 100Albums 100Artists 2 (Lotte Gallery/Seoul)

2017 Mahangmul Art Market (Kimreeaa gallery/Seoul)

2017 Exhibition <1/n> (Art Space 衣食住/Seoul)

2017 House Artfair 2017 (Arttrip/Seoul)

2017 Gallery opening exhibition <don-don-don> (Artspace 15.8/Seoul)

2017 Exhibition <The ending for tomorrow> (Art Space 衣食住/Seoul)

2017 Exhibition <New Wave> (hotel Soosunghaw/Seoul)

2017 Exhibiton <Tears look at the shadow.> (Public gallery/Seoul)

2017 Exhibiton <Shape form to vision> (Kanggol Culters Space/Seoul)

2009 Exbhition <Blooming Trwentis Artist debut> (Multiculturezone Jazzy m.a.s/Seoul)

2006 <Najin&Tomboy> T-Space/Seoul)