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Live Not for Love's Sake

Sena Hwang

사랑받기 위해 살지 말길 8

황세나 黃世娜

Dry ingredients on paper

Wood Frame

Hwang Sena is an exceptional artist who transcends emotions through charcoal and pencils to create a self-portrait that goes beyond mere representation. While her artistic style initially revolved around expressing anger and identity, recently, she has shifted towards exploring repressed emotions in line with her own introspection. Through the depiction of a child with enigmatic, oversized eyes, whose gaze is directed towards the unknown, she weaves her own narrative. Sharing her pain and extending comfort through her work, she captures internal reflection and external emotions. Currently, she focuses on conveying warmth and values through her art, emphasizing intimate interactions with the audience and aspiring to evoke empathy within their hearts.

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