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Cactus Girl

Adin Wiedyardini

Acrylic on Canvas

Wood Frame

Through her artwork, the Indonesian artist, Wahyu “Adin” Wiedyardini (b.1984), builds empathy in her relationships with people, nature, and other beings. Heavily inspired by children’s dolls, things that she deems to be the closest manifestation of human expression, Adin intertwines feminine child-like subjects with a range of compositional elements to draw viewers into a realm of emotive creativity and imagination. Locating her subjects in lush and naturalistic environs, Adin explores
the intimate relationships between the human and nonhuman. Especially in the urban landscapes of frenetic cities, Adin’s art reveals endless possibilities for the human to coexist in balance and harmony with their natural surroundings. Adin credits part of her artistic development and growth to her place of residence, Yogyakarta—a historic city rich in culture and heritage. She has participated in exhibitions and art fairs across Indonesia, and in cities such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and London. Upcoming events include a solo exhibition in Paris, and events in Hong Kong, Taipei, Ulsan, and Yogyakarta.

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