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DeokHyun Kang


Republic of Korea 


Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Dongeui University
Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Dongeui University

About Artist

"Find a question in a dead hero"

Deok-Hyun Kang's Art

“My works are about a journey of escape or a constant resistance against the anxieties of apocalypse-like modern society. It rescued me from the bleak desert and restored my pure dreams, humanity, romance, and sensibility. 

Compared to such complicated and complex structures in my world, I rather pursue simplicity and intuition. One could say it is juvenile or too cheerful considering the serious stories of each. This satire takes a strong stand against the contemporary world.”


Solo Exhibition 

2021 Call me childish, I will act more childish, Ecorock gallery, Seoul
2020 City of Villain, 4F Gallery, Busan
2020 The Probe, Organism, Busan
2019 The Grave of Heroes, L gallery, Seoul
2018 DeokHyun.Kang Invitation Exhibit, Migo gallery, Busan
2018 Back to the Past, Ecorock gallery, Seoul
2017 Idiot Box, Gallery2yeonju, Busan

Group Exhibition 

2021 Sea Squirt Toenail, Choyeon Gallery, Seoul
2020 Changwon Aisan Art Festival, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon
2020 This exhibition has no lessons, Museum of Contemporary Art,       Busan
2019 Curators Busan, Open Space Bae, Busan
2019 묻은, OF, Seoul
2018 YCK2018, Ara Art Center, Seoul
2017 Middle Ground, Zeinxeno Gallery, Seoul 
2017 Bitter Sweet, Seon yu Gallery , Busan 
2017 UL:KIN Common, Common Ground, Seoul 
2017 Young Artist Artistar, Seok Dang Art Museum, Busan 
2015 Youth Hot air balloon floating at night, Yongin Poeun Art Hall,     Yongin 


2017 Girls love freaks(Thas’s me), Album Cover, Hip hop Duo EZUZ
2016 2017SS Hera Seoul Fashion Week With ul:kin, Dongdaemun DDP   Seoul

Painting Performance

2021 Mimicry-X Showcase, Youngyoung, Busan
2018 Sharing Seoul Festival, Culture Tank, Seoul 
2017 Drop, Club BASIL, Seoul
2017 Street Performance, Busan 
2017 Naver Creatorday, Layer57, Seoul

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