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Seongjun Hong attracted the attention of collectors at Christie's Hong Kong auction. He paints with his own unique perspective between the photographic image of digital and the originality of painting. In 2017 and 2018, he was included in the top 10 contemporary Korean artists selected by Christie's Hong Kong. He also built public awareness by presenting works in PLOPS in Art and collaboration with global brand Vans and musical CATS. The artist presented an early series, in which he drew and placed a specific space on a minimalistic screen with the motif of collected photographic images. His recent work, the series <Layer>, which expresses the perspective of stacking repetitive layers.

The artist focuses on the attitude and perspective of painting rather than storytelling, and focuses on the texture and tactility that painting can have. Pigment sprayed onto the screen with an airbrush without friction with the canvas, the combination of Korean paper and cloth overlaid on the canvas, traces of paint that has solidified while leaking out of the canvas, the back of the canvas where the fluorescent color painted on the back of the canvas is reflected on the wall , neon light, etc. The surface of the layers piled up with various materials and tools constitutes the same sense of time as the deposited strata.

He graduated from Hongik University and presented a number of solo and group exhibitions globally. He has participated in group exhibitions at art institutions such as the Hakgojae Design Project, Cheongju Municipal Daecheongho Art Museum, and Seoul Museum of Art.

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