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레섹 스쿠르스키

Poland / b.1973

 1992-7 Study Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk at Prof. Włodzimierz Łajming

1995 Art price of the Culture and Art Ministry Poland

1997 Diploma in Painting


Born in Poland in 1973, Lesek Skurski majored in painting and graphics at the Gdansk Art School. He currently live in Germany and actively works in Europe. In 1995, he received the Art Award from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts, and recently participated in exhibitions at leading art institutions in the world, such as the Charité Center in France (2014), Youngblood Arts in South Africa (2014), and the Ponderau Museum in Germany (2013). His art world has been firmly established on the world stage and its work quality has been recognized. Skurski expresses life's moments from an unfamiliar perspective. The ordinary daily life in his paintings looks simple, but contains a deep philosophy about our world. He expresses the scenes of our daily life in a compressed and restrained image with a concise description of monotone with textured white. This is a 'recollection' of the captured moment, a story about life, and an expression of things that are invisible but can be felt. They are sometimes hilarious, romantic or satirical. Ultimately, the artist sympathizes with and shares the stories of various people through his works.


Works in private and public collections (selection):

Fondation d‘entreprise Franc.s, France

HauckSchuchardt, Frankfurt, Germany

Mustafa Taviloglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Vonderau Museum, Germany

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