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b.1967 Republic of Korea

Lee Jaeyul, a Korean artist, embarks on various creative endeavors, showcasing his artistic versatility. His notable work, "Sansumong" or "Dreaming in Nature," transports viewers to a world of imagination. Flying mountains, reverse-flowing water, and mythical creatures symbolize the artist's pursuit of freedom and equality within his art. Through this series, Jaeyul delves into the essence of the universe and life itself, exploring the pulsating rhythms of existence within the mind's realm.

Influenced by traditional landscape paintings, known as sansuhwa, Jaeyul brings a contemporary sensibility to his artwork. His fusion of modern perspectives with the traditional framework creates visually captivating compositions. "Sansumong" invites contemplation, blurring the boundaries between reality and dreams.

Lee Jaeyul's art reflects boundless imagination, inspiring viewers to embrace their creativity and challenge conventions. His unique approach resonates with those who seek to explore the wonders of nature and unlock the power of their own dreams.

Lee Jaeyul's art transports us to a realm of nature's dreams, where imagination thrives. His contemporary interpretation of traditional landscapes invites us to embrace our creativity and venture into uncharted territories of the mind.

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