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Lee Dodam's art is all about 'relationships' and the warm feelings people have for each other. She shows this through her unique way of using colors and putting things together in her art.

She's a young painter from South Korea. Her art is about understanding how people relate to each other. In her paintings, you can see people looking at each other or trying to understand each other. These moments show how relationships can be complicated and real in different parts of life.

In her art, Lee Dodam uses the way people look at each other to tell stories about emotions. She uses colors and shapes to make the people's feelings come out. This makes her art special and touching.

Looking at Lee Dodam's art helps us understand emotions and relationships better. Her art makes us feel things we might not always think about. It gives us a chance to think about how people connect and feel love, longing, and even pain in different ways.

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