Won EunHee

She was born in Namhae County, South Gyeongsang Province in South Korea.

She paints everyday life with fluttering and shaking hearts longing for youth.

She comforts and heals her inner melancholy and hurts from external world through her artwork.

The healing energy for herself is naturally passed on to her artwork and people who see her artwork.

‘It’s warm, and happy!’

For these reasons, her artwork has been invited for suicide prevention, Seoul Family Court, Suwon Juvenile Court #6 Facility, ChunCheon National Hospital (Mental Hospital) and others.

She also publishes serially her painting with poem by poet Park Misan every week in a Segye Ilbo.

Solo Exhibition

2017 Solo Exhibition <The Scent of Spring from My Mind> Art Hall RESH

2017 Solo Exhibition <My prayer, my poem, my longing > Nanu Gallery

2017 Solo Exhibition <Face that I Miss> Suwon District Court’s Gallery Donghaeng

2017 Solo Exhibition <Face that I Miss> Seocho Art Hall

2016 Solo Exhibition <Fall Picnic> Gallery Seochonjae

2016 Solo Exhibition <Will Give You Flowers Everyday> Seoul Myeong-Dong 1989 Gallery

2014 <Will Give You Flowers Everyday> #2 Exhibition Hall at the Literature House Seoul (LHS)

2014 Solo Exhibition for Shin Dong Yeop Institution of Literature Launch Event

2014 <Will Give You Flowers Everyday>

(Korea Suicide Prevention Center’s Suicide Prevention Conference hosted by the MOHW)

2013 <Pilgrimage>, Hanshin Church

2017 Participated DIAS (Daejeon International Art Show)

2017 Publishes painting every Tuesday in Segye Ilbo’s corner named

         <Park Misan’s Poem that Opens Up Mind >

2016 Group Exhibition <Awesomeday> Gallery Violet

2015 Exhibition at the LIFE Concert held bi-monthly and hosted by Suicide Prevention Campaign Headquarters

2014 Posters and Solo Exhibition for Seodaemun District Theater Association’s Inaugural Performance

2013 <We Are Family > Posters for Literature Performance & Solo Exhibition