Stories from another world  다른 세상의 이야기들 (Image.90.9×72.7m)  Acrylic on canvas, Wood Frame.

Moon Seung-Yeon

Republic of Korea

She suggests a break for everyone to have a thought and to appreciate the very moment through the eyes of her object and innocent animals that seemingly just jump out from fairy tales. 


Woo Choi

Republic of Korea


Jeong Jin-Gab

Republic of Korea

LOVE_100.0X65.1cm oil on canvas 2018.jpg

ByungTaek Jeon

Republic of Korea



Republic of Korea

A contemporary artist who expresses the influence of popular culture through the world of works built by the artist.


Kang Jun-Seok

Republic of Korea

Leszek Skurski - Investigators - 120 x 80 cm - Oil on Canvas - 2017.jpg

Lesek Skuruski

Germany, Finland


Kim Kwan-Young

Republic of Korea

Consciousness and unconsciousness interact with each other and produce numerous pieces of memory that are joined and grouped together, or scattered in smaller pieces to idealize the memory and overlay it with other, or sometimes cover it with opaque shrouds

4. All possibilities are within us_edited.jpg

Surrea Lee

Republic of Korea

Sculptor of dreams and memoriesIt is my job to throw myself in and find a new story in it. The space I created is flexible, colorful, and freely mixed with nothing forbidden.



Republic of Korea

4. wonderland-1, 88.5x75cm,acrylic on canvas, 2020, 600만원.jpg

Lee Sara

Republic of Korea

illusion_49 37.9x37.9 oil on canvas 2020, 72만.jpg

Choi Yun-Jung 

Republic of Korea

너를 만나다.jpg

Ryu Ju-Young

Republic of Korea

Diren LEE_Under the moonlight_1303x1622mm_acrylic on canvas_2021.jpg

Diren Lee

Republic of Korea

My previous works used to concentrate on analyzing inner scars and complex. Those were the times when I looked back on the days and forgave myself for loathing myself. when I couldn’t understand myself, I revealed my inner story by appealing the eyes of the characters and tattoos on the body.

deer 2021 45.45.72(h)cm  스테인레스에 우레탄도장.jpg

KIM Woo-Jin

Republic of Korea

Sculptor of dreams and memories


Paek Yunzo

Republic of Korea

Yunzo PAEK uses rhythmic visual language to transform images inspired by landscapes such as objects and loves around her everyday life.

악당들의 도시 mixed media on canvas 53.0x45.5cm 2021 판매가 650,000원.jpg

Kang Deok-Hyeon

Republic of Korea

"Find a question in a dead hero"

화려함의 단면-2017-27_oil on canvas_35x27_2017.jpg

Choi Seung-Yoon

Republic of Korea

12_KoobonSeok -City of Illusion_120x240cm_LEDBox,Acrylicpanel_2015.jpg

Koo Bon-Seok

Republic of Korea