"We live by remembering things,

but we live by things we don't remember. Memories we want to hide, memories that are hidden, things I expressed but also I want to hide.

My works are the process of finding memories which I did not remember in the unconscious world."


The memories we don't remember

    Kwan Young KIM has been expressing his own visual language, which has been transformed from our unconscious memories. KIM creates traces of memories grown from senses and perceptions in his life. All those memories are linked to each other and expressed on the canvas in the form of numerous pieces.

   Kwan Young KIM completes his works not only with restrained emotions with the most essential points, lines, and facets but also with his own special sense. The colors of memory deposited, memories connected, and memories on each color constitute the image of our inner being.

   <TO INFINITY AND BEYOND> is an online exhibition to deliver KIM’s challenge towards the research of human’s inner being in 2021. Despite the exhibition contains small sizes of works, but it enables viewers to see his changes in colors and ways of painting. We hope you can check his expanded world and history of Kwan Young KIM’s work through  <TO INFINITY AND BEYOND>


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