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  • 블랙 인스 타 그램 아이콘
  • 블랙 페이스 북 아이콘

Kim KwanYoung 

Kim Kwan-Young graduated from HongIk University of Metal Art & Design and studied fine arts at Brera in Italy.

His work shows us very originative concepts with the series of “Memory of unconsciousness”. All malerisch elements like colors, lines, and faces are connected like an organism under the frame of memory. These elements show that the unconscious is hidden in experiences and such experiences are shared with others. Not only brushes and knives but also syringes and other tools are used to express such ideas on canvas. Each canvas seems like a piece of his work and this shows that how much the colors and shapes of dots, lines, and faces are well harmonized.

As he saw someone who was slowly losing memories, he started to pay attention to memory and unconsciousness. As I sketch, I want to find memories and emotions that I don’t recognize and I want to express them metaphorically, symbolically and abstractly.

Memory exists in our consciousness and unconsciousness and as the human’s emotions are added to the memories, it comes out of the mind. Of course, we may idealize our memories as time goes by, but its essence never changes. Losing memories may change our consciousness but I believe that its essence remains same. Consciousness and unconsciousness interact with each other but the consciousness is a very small part and heavily depe5nds on the unconsciousness. All of us have something in common regarding the unconsciousness. Memory is not for me alone. The memory comes from the experiences and situations that we had with others. This is why we have many things in common in unconsciousness. We can find my lost memories of others’ memory and vise versa.

My artwork helps people to find memories and myself. I hope that viewers meet themselves and find their forgotten memories through my works.


Graduate University Hong Ik, Seoul

Graduate Accademia di Belle arti di Brera, Milano


Solo Exhibition

2016 Exhibition 'The Memory of the Unconscious', Gallery 1898, Seoul, Korea

2015 Exhibition 'The Memory of the Unconscious', Gallery Grida, Seoul, Korea

2015 Exhibition 'The Memory of the Unconscious', Gallery Puesto, Seoul, Korea

2015 Exhibition 'Artificial Garden', Seojinartspace, Seoul, Korea


Group Exhibition&Art Fair

2018 Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2018 BAMA2018, Busan, Korea

2014 Exhibition 'Chromatic Concert', Chiesa di S.Bernardino, Milano

2014 Exhibition 'Memoria e Inconscio', Villa vertua masolo, Nova milanese

2014 Exhibition 'Emozioni 3+1', Spazio Emmaus, Milano

2013 Exhibition 'Via Arte Coreana 2013', milano

2012 Exhibition 'La maglia' del Milan, Milano

2012 Exhibition 'M.A.D', Milano

2012 Exhibition 'Via Arte Coreana 2012', Milano

2012 Exhibition 'In-flusso,creatività in movimento', Milano

2011 'IL GIUSTO MEZZO. Artista in biciclettà


2011 Exhibition 'Via Arte Coreana1', Milano

2011 Competition Kites 'BIG SIZE ART', Winner, Milano

2010 Exhibition 'Progetto STIRONE', Il Castello di Vigoleno

2009 Exhibition 'Oltremare blu', Montecarlo