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Deok Hyun KANG Solo Exhibition

6 December, 2022 - 6 January, 2023

Public time: TUE - SAT 2pm - 5pm
Advance reservation: TUE - SUN 11am - 7pm

Admission: Free

Artist Kang Deok Hyeon made his name known to the public starting with street exhibitions. He tried to decorate the space to reveal his own individuality and make people feel familiar with art. In 2015, starting with his first group exhibition <A Hot Air Balloon in the Night of Youth> at the Yongin Poeun Art Center, he held 9 solo exhibitions and 13 group exhibitions at numerous galleries and art museums. Projects that have been carried out so far include Seoul Fashion Week ul:kin collaboration, Naver Creator Day (Project Flower), Sharing Seoul Festival painting performance, and numerous album covers. He is an artist who shows continuous growth by using ideas and experimental techniques that are unique to his thoughts and philosophy.

Kang Deok Hyun’s 10th solo exhibition <Just Kidding>, which will be held at LGallery in 2022, is a series of <City of Villains>, he started in 2020, and accuses the villains who exploit the dreams and romance of modern people. The artist, who is interested in various social problems in Korean society, humorously and pleasantly expresses the villains who destroy the value of humanity under the bizarre slogan, "We are all villains."

The villains appearing in the work visually reveal the inner conflicts of human beings, and also contain environmental problems or ideological conflicts. At the same time, the villains described in the <City of Villains> series become symbols of fef (fake friend), a heart-shaped character with a black intention created by the author.
The artist has moved away from the dripping technique using enamel paint, which he has been researching, and changed his working method to general painting so that the story of <City of Villains> can be visually conveyed. Also he is fascinated by the touch of a brush, the rough texture of a crayon, and the rough pencil lines. In addition, he wants to expand the story of the work through various media such as three-dimensional, ceramic, animation, and short stories.
Artist Kang Deok Hyun, who dreams of a romantic life, is struggling to keep his own values through his work. In a society that forces people to become adults, he focuses on things that fill his life beautifully and abundantly while holding on to his dreams and hopes. The artist wants to make fun of a society full of adults in a childish way, humorously accusing a gloomy society.