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摸 索 : 모 색


YURA KIM Solo Exhibition

16 August, 2022 - 26 August, 2022

Public time: TUE - SAT 2pm - 5pm
Advance reservation: TUE - SUN 11am - 7pm

Admission: Free

2022, L Gallery is about to start an interesting experiment in its new place.
The gallery would like to introduce young artists who have not yet set foot in the world, and show their experimental spirit and passion.
By presenting works that have only been breathing in the studio until now, L Gallery is trying to find directions for new artists in the future. And by encouraging communications with various people will inspire young artists to grow with confidence.
L Gallery asks for your interest and support so that many new artists around the world can participate in the future.


In modern society, more and more people are living their lives by pioneering their own thoughts and values. As information becomes easier to access and commute freely, there are sufficient conditions to be exposed to a variety of experiences and to make choices.
But these affluent times make us even more isolated. Different interests lead to indifference, and even if they are in the same space, they fall into their own world In the works of a young artist Kimyura, there are people who are constantly searching for their own world. Modern people depicted through the artist's point of view are like people wandering in search of something, people who quietly leave like ghosts, and people who are alone in a crowd.
Kimyura expresses a sense of distance between herself and the characters in her work with her own unique colors and feelings, creating a realistic yet dreamy atmosphere. Events that seem to be beyond the memory are summoned and captured on the screen, and although there is a narrative, it is cut off.
The perspective of artist Kimyura, who wants to see the surroundings differently or in a new way, has an interesting background. She has been constantly trying to find balance in two similar but different worlds and to build her own world. It is expected that the artist will continue to explore and grow in her own world of work.