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  • 블랙 인스 타 그램 아이콘
  • 블랙 페이스 북 아이콘

Jeon Byung Taek

He is a painting artist in Korea. He shows a very realistic work through reconstruction of the material, trump card. The writer focuses on hard and material things and interprets the symbolism of the trump card, expressing the anxieties of contemporary society who are at risk of collapse. The writer has series of various interpretations using Trump cards. His most recent works will be showcased through the contemporary art show Hong Kong in 2018. The artist presents various attempts at the intersection of artistic value and popular activities, and continues to exhibit annually at major galleries in Korea, such as Seoul Station, Seoul Affordable Art Fair, and KIAF, as well as galleries and galleries. His works are housed in the Osan Museum of Art, The Art Bank of National Museum of Modren and Contemporary Art, and Seoul Museum.


Osan Museum of Art, / National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank <2012,2016> /

Culture Ocean / Seoul Museum /

Korea Labor Welfare Corporation (Pyeong-taek Branch) Tom & Toms /Cgretail /

Chemicos / Sejong Continuing Education / private collection


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Invited Exhibition ‘Everything will be ok ’ <Gallery Woohua . Daegu>

2017 Invited Exhibition LOVE : sweet pain<ART 247 . Seoul>

2017 Invited Exhibition 'crossroads of choice' <Gallery A. Seongnam>

2016 Invited Exhibition 'crossroads of choice' <Culture space EMOK . Seoul>

2016 Invited Exhibition <Gallery A . Seongnam>

2016 Invited Exhibition <Gallery Herald . Seoul>

2015 Invited Exhibition <Tom &Toms Black noonsquare . Seoul>

2015 Invited Exhibition <Gallery A. Seongnam>

2014 Invited Exhibition <Zeinxono Gallery . Seoul>

2013 Invited Exhibition <Gallery A. Seongnam>

2012 Invited Exhibition -<Epoque Gallery . Seoul>

2012 Invited Exhibition -The lord knows <A1 Gallery . Seoul>

2009 ‘Creative Explosion’ Planned Exhibition<Alternative Space Gate . Daejeon>


Booth Solo Exhibitions

2014 'Fifteen Gallery' Planned and Invited Exhibition <Fifteen Gallery . Seoul>

2013 Young Artists ‘My Painting that is Unlike Mine’ <Seoul Museum . Seoul>

2010 The Beginning <Seoul Museum . Seoul>



2015 Animamix biennale <Daegu art museum . Daegu>


Art Fairs

2017 Busan Coffee Dessert Show <Bexco. Busan>

2017 Gyeongnam International Art Fair <Ceco . Changwon>

2017 Busan Annual Market of Art ‘BAMA’ <Bexco. Busan>

2016 Seoul Art Show <Coex . Seoul>

2016 Luxembourg Art Week <Halle Victor Hugo, Luxembourg>

2016 Affordable Art Fair in Seoul <DDP . Seoul>

2016 Seoul Open Art Fair 'SOAF' <Coex . Seoul>

2016 Busan Annual Market of Art 'BAMA' <Bexco . Busan>

2015 Seoul Art Show <Coex . Seoul>

2015 Daegu Art Fair <Exco . Daegu>

2015 Creative Orange Art Festa 'Coaf' <Wellihilli park . Hoengseong>

2015 Busan Art Show <Bexco . Busan>

2014 Korea International Art Fair 'KIAF' <Coex. Seoul>

2014 Tong-Yeong Art Fair <Tong-Yeong City Hall>

2009 The 4th Shinsegae Art Fair 'Green Cake' <Shinsegae Seoul, Gawng-ju, Busan>

2009 CSIAF Shanghai International Art Festival “Colors of Korea”<Shanghai Sculpture Museum of Art>

2009 KOMAS Korea Mokpo Art Fair Special Exgibition <Mok-po Culture & Art Center>


Group Exhibitions

2017 Pick me up <Inno gallery>

2017 Top 100 alum 100 Artist <lotte department store 'Avenuel’>

2017 Pyeongchang Olympic ‘Artbanner’ <Seoul olympicpark>

2017 Toilet x art <haewoojae museum>

2017 LOVE <Wave gallery>

2016 Contemporary ART 'communion' <B communication>

2016 David Bowie 'tribute' <Yoojin gallery>

2016 Beomeo art festa < Beomeo art street>

2016 The selection of Artist <Heesu gallery>

2016 Contemporary ART-<Suseong artpia>

2016 Artist room <Space Namu>

2016 Busan zombie666 <Yoo jin gallery>

2015 The gift of a warm December <Gallery Haewon>

2015 Money <Busan AUDI Gallery rae>

2015 A Dream play < lotte department store 'llsan'>

2015 Artist of the day <Gallert A&D>

2015 Year of the Sheep Special Exhibition< popshop>

2015 Comforting Yu <Star Jade>

2014 Share in the Art Exhibition <Beom-uh Art Street>

2014 Dong-gang Contemporary Art invited Exhibition <Yeong-wol Art & Culture Center>

2014 Shin-chun Planned & Invited Exhibition <CU GALLERY>

2013 ‘Will, Hope, and Promise’ <EDA Gallery>

2013 The Second Zoon Art Market <Zoom Art Gallery, Yong-in>

2013 'Serendipity' - Seoul Lima Dental Clinic

2013 EPOQUE friends - 'Near' <Epoque Gallery>

2013 Gallery Jireh 'Young Artists' <Gallery Jireh>

2012 'Another Attention' Three Men Artshow <Gallery A>

2012 small masterpiece<Lotte Gallery, Jamsil>

2012 Still Life Paintings Dreaming of Becoming the Lead <Heesu Gallery>

2012 Jang-heung Art Market JAM <Jang-heung Art Park>

2012 ASYAAF Asian Young Artists Art Festival <Seoul Station>

2012 Bouvard et Pecuchet <Namsong Museum>

2011 YMCA <Emage Gallery>

2011 'Young Artists' <AW Gallery>

2011 Happy Artwork <Dream Gallery>

2011 'Bang-bang Motel' <Gun-san Creative Art Space 'Motel'>

2011 Seoul Art Auction <Horim Art Center>

2011 Insa Art Festival 'ART to DESIGN' <Insa Art Center>

2010 Jang-jeung Art Market JAM <Jang-heung Art Park>

2010 The First DMC Citizen Art Fair 'Treasure Hunt' <DMC Street>

2010 A Cube 'Young Artists' <A Cube Gallery>

2010 Asian Young Artists Art Festival ‘ASYAAF’<Sung-shin Women's University>

2010 ‘I am Not Bubble’ Planned Exhibition <JH gallery>

2009 The 7th Generation ‘Shouting Myself’ Five Men Exhibition <sam Gallery>

2009 'ORAGE' <Kobe, Japan>

2008 '7th OUT DOOR' <Daegu>