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Catholic University, Media Content Design [Lecture]
Samsung Electronics [creative, artist work]


08AM's Art

I suffered from paranoid thinking, and there were numerous emotional changes in the process of overcoming it.
There were a lot of feelings that change from time to time, and there were many inner things that I wanted to express, but I lacked philosophical thinking and originality to lead to resolution, so "What is a creation with originality?" I put it as a root and stretched out the branches.
In the process of expressing the intangible image in visual language, theories and emotions that had no substance came to repeat the union and dissolution. It was born in the purest form from the mass, into a line, and into a point, and then again from point to line. It appears as a lump that I have never seen before, and I thought that this might answer the question.
At the point where the originality and the philosophy of the creator began, the questions that were repeated endlessly shifted from the language to the plane to form a visual form, and came to a freedom that could not be felt before and scattered like a smoke. It was as if a new universe was opened and the cells were brought to life.
If it was smoke, it was enough to contain the pain and the process of overcoming the creator by changing whatever it became.
Even now, I repeat the union and dissolution, talking about me in a form that no one has ever seen, and sometimes in a form that everyone has seen
A contemporary artist who expresses the influence of popular culture through the world of works built by the artist.
The characteristic of the work is that it highlights the three-dimensional effect of form in flat painting and creates a unique atmosphere. It proves the reason and existence of existence through creative activities and contains social messages of the times.
After the 2012 Miami International Exchange Exhibition, he was invited by the Mississippi State University (MSU) to develop his work through international activities such as exhibitions at Art Gallery and Lacuna in Chicago.
He won the Cut & Paste 2013 (WCO) competition held in Seoul in 2013 and became interested in characterization.
After experiencing street art and art markets in New York in 2017, based on a new understanding of pop culture, I tried borrowed art fused with existing expression methods, and so far, the energy has been developed in various forms.
He is also steadily collaborating with brands such as Samsung Electronics, Fila, RIOT Games, Puma, and Pringles and is showing his works in the NFT art field along with interest in Metabus.

2013.04. [Cut&Paste KOREA] Characterized Seoul. Winner.

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